Don’t Mess with Alpine: Mike DeBault Extends Alpine Bearing’s Reach to the Lone Star State

If you think none of the employees of Boston-based Alpine Bearing wear cowboy hats, you’re mistaken. Our newest sales engineer, Mike DeBault, sports a Stetson and a pair of cowboy boots on a regular basis. Of course, he lives in Houston, where his fashion choices stand out less than they would at Fenway Park. The bearing industry professional with seventeen years of experience, joined Alpine Bearing recently after a career spent dealing extensively, but not exclusively, with miniature and instrument bearings, used in the medical, dental, and aerospace industries.

Mike grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, and aside from a brief period spent in Southern California, he’s lived in Texas all his life. Right now, he lives in Spring, Texas, a North Houston suburb, where he spends his spare time building custom cabinets and outdoor furniture in his shop and playing basketball with his 9-year-old daughter, Audrey.

Mike is happy to be working for Alpine Bearing. “Obviously, I’m aware of Alpine’s reputation and I knew they had a sizeable inventory, but I had no idea how impressive it was until I visited their headquarters. I like working with a company that sees the importance of keeping a large supply of bearings on hand so they’re ready when customers need them. It’s great to be able to tell clients we have the part they need and can ship it out that day. You can hear the relief in their voices.”

Outgoing and quick to make a joke, Mike says he really enjoys meeting with customers face-to-face, but also likes the convenience and the kitchen-to-office commute he has working from home.

The Alpine Bearing team prides itself on its seasoned crew and their depth of knowledge. The addition of Mike DeBault brings more expertise and another voice—with just a hint of a Texas accent.