A Talk with Ted Gentile From New Hampshire Ball Bearings, a Minebea Mitsumi Company

The picture is of cockpit controls of an airplane. NHBB makes bearings used in aircraft.

At Alpine, we are always looking for ways to brag about the incredible people and companies that supply us with high quality bearings. We are proud to be able to build strong relationships with our counterparts and share a similar passion for creating and providing value to our customers. We reached out to Ted Gentile, The Distribution Sales Manager for NHBB and NMBTC Bearings (both MinebeaMitsumi Group companies). Ted lives and works in the Hudson River Valley Region of New York and was happy to share what his experience has looked like working with Alpine for many years.

History of NMB Technologies Corporation (NMBTC)

NMB Technologies Corporation is a MinebeaMitsumi Group company that began in 1984. It is the world’s largest manufacturer of miniature ball bearings and a leader in the design and manufacturing of precision electromechanical and semiconductor components. They provide advanced technology solutions for the medical, industrial, automotive, consumer and smart cities markets.

Ted got his start in 1989 when he graduated college and began working at NHBB in Elmsford, NY. Within a year, he transitioned to outside sales for NMB Corporation (the import division of Minebea). In 2000 he became District Manager for NMB Corporation for Bearings, Fans, and Motors. Later, he held various management positions within NMBTC related to automotive accounts, precision mechanical assemblies and lastly as National Distribution Sales Manager. In 2013, Ted took on a new role as the General Manager for GRW. Throughout this time, Ted continued to work with the team at Alpine Bearings. After 4 years with GRW, Ted was invited back to become Senior Sales Manager for Distribution for NHBB and NMBTC Bearings.

With all the changes and career advancements, one constant in his professional life was the bearings market, and the incredible people Ted has had the pleasure of working with. Ted has worked in bearing distribution in some form or another for over 30 years. That longevity has enabled him to have great relationships with the Alpine team as well as other distribution players. Ted says, “Each distributor varies in size and several other factors. It’s the people at each of these companies that make the real difference.”

Alpine and NHBB/NMBTC

Ted has been working with Alpine since the mid-1990s and says that “where Alpine does an excellent job is in inventory and availability. They have over 600,000 bearing parts in stock which can be reassembled for custom applications. With Lenny, Derek, JC, and the rest of the guys, you have the premier experts of the industry. It’s very easy to work with them because of all the knowledge they have. He continues, “The Alpine team is always willing to take care of you with just one phone call.” Ted has formed a bond with the Alpine team and is happy to continue this long-lasting relationship.

Photo by Dan Lohmar on Unsplash