Facility Feature: our clean room for ball bearing re-lubrication and repackaging

Whether you’re at a food processor, medical device manufacturer, or aircraft repair facility, three things are true.  One: you have specific needs that a standard bearing straight out of the box can’t necessarily meet.  Two: you don’t have an infinite budget.  Three: you don’t have time to wait around for weeks to replace a bearing.  […]

The 11 Most Interesting and Unusual Facts About Bearings

Some people think bearings are boring. Those people are wrong. Sure, you might not live, breathe, and eat them like we do at Alpine Bearing, but we hope everyone can still share our love for these components. Bearings are precise, reliable, and beautifully engineered. Yet they can also be fun, weird, and even magical. Read […]

Authorized Bearing Distributor: What it Means, Why it Matters

Alpine Bearing is an authorized distributor for several major bearing companies including New Hampshire Ball Bearings, NMB Technologies, GRW and SKF. We enjoy having strong relationships with our manufacturing partners. But did you know those relationships confer advantages to you too? What is an authorized distributor? An authorized distributor is a company that sells the […]

Employee Spotlight: Chris Kane

Chris Kane officially joined the Alpine team as Director of Sales, West Coast, on July 5th after visiting the Alpine headquarters in Boston.  Chris’ professional background Chris brings over a decade of experience in bearing sales and a deep understanding of the market to his new position. Excited to join the Alpine team, Chris looks […]

Bearing maintenance and repair – what causes bearing failures?

When a machine stops, everything grinds to a halt. Preventing premature failure is important to maintaining your machines and reducing downtime, so you can be as productive as possible. Knowing what causes bearing failures will help to prevent premature failures and improve your shop’s efficiency. Causes of bearing failure According to research in Bearing News, […]

Why FAG’s HCM machine tool bearings?

In the specialized world of machine tool spindle repair, downtime disrupts productivity and profit for machine shops. Optimizing precision and efficiency in your shop translates to improved machine running outcomes and more money. If time is money, then using the right bearings is golden. Schaeffler FAG HCM-series bearings are a great choice to help you […]

Extended service life: benefits of high-nitrogen alloy steel

Demanding applications and conditions require high-precision bearings made with top-quality materials. Do you stop your equipment frequently? Do your machines work at very high speeds? Do your machines run at high temperatures? Do you have a corrosive environment? If you answer yes to any of these, standard bearings will not suffice. You need the next generation […]

Turbomolecular Pump Bearings: Extreme Bearings for Extreme Machines

Turbomolecular pumps, or turbo pumps, are serious business. Their rotors spin at incredible speeds, sucking powerfully enough to create a high vacuum. Whether your turbomolecular pump generates vacuums to run an electron microscope or enable thin film deposition for computer chips or solar panels, you’ll need specialized, super-high-quality bearings to run it safely and consistently. […]

What are ANSI, ISO, and ASTM standards for bearings?

If you’ve searched for bearings online, you’ve likely come across product descriptions boasting about meeting ANSI, ISO, or ASTM standards. You know the standards are a sign of quality – but who came up with them, and what do they mean? Technical standards help both manufacturers and buyers. Manufacturers use them to make and test […]

Avoiding Friction From Counterfeit Bearings

If you unwittingly buy a fake Rolex, you’ll be disappointed, but you’ll probably be okay. But if your new bearings are counterfeit, your equipment and the people who operate it are at risk. Why should you care about counterfeit bearings? There’s a reason you choose a reputable brand when you buy bearings: you want to […]