Alpine Now Stocks SLF Machine Tool Spindle Bearings

The sales engineers at Alpine Bearing are always on the lookout for new bearings to stock and distribute and new companies to work with. Recently, Alpine began carrying machine tool spindle bearings from SLF. Spindel- und Lagerungstechnik Fraureuth GmbH (Spindle and Bearing Technology, Fraureuth, Germany, LLC) has been making spindles and spindle bearings since 1993. True to their German heritage, they take great pride in […]

What Does CNC Machining Owe Sheep?

A sheep You may look at a sheep and wonder what is has to do with CNC (computer numerical control) machining. The truth is, we might not have seen the creation and expansion of manufacturing and computing as it is now if not for fleece and a few creative thinkers in the 18th century. The […]

Deep Groove Bearings: Tough and Easy to Maintain

Another kind of groove. As part of our Bearings 101 series of informational articles, we’ve decided to highlight types of bearings or bearing components. This time, we turn the spotlight on deep groove bearings. Contrary to popular belief, Deep Groove Bearings did not back up Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. Deep groove bearings are the workhorses […]

Bearings at the Louvre?

The “Mona Lisa” Do you know what connects the Pyramids, the “Mona Lisa”, and a healthy smile? Leonardo da Vinci, the artist, cartographer, astronomer, and painter of “The Last Supper” and the “Mona Lisa”, was also an engineer. His research and discoveries predated the invention of helicopters, tanks, submarines, watch works, and even parachutes by […]

Employee Spotlight: William Pool

William Pool in his Anaheim office William Pool, a thirteen-year veteran of Alpine Bearing, works in the Anaheim office as Quality Manager and Sales Engineer. You may have thought we had just the Boston location, but we also have a West Coast office. Originally hired as a sales engineer, William stepped up to learn about […]

The Bearing Glossary to End All Bearing Glossaries

We’ve started a feature on the Alpine Bearing site. We call it Bearings 101 and in it, we’ll post technical articles about, you guessed it, bearings. Some will be basic, others, more complex.  We hope you learn something you didn’t know or can use this column as a resource. Think of us when describing a […]

Sales Engineer, Lenny Brookes: Creative Problem-Solver

In 2004, Lenny Brookes saw a note on the Boston University job board for part-time work in a bearing warehouse. At the time, he figured it was a short-term situation, something to help him pay his way through school. Now, sixteen years later, Lenny is one of the most knowledgeable sales engineers at Alpine Bearing. […]

Alpine Bearing Partners with NTN Bearing Corp

Partnership Gives Alpine Priority Access to NTN OEM Bearings, Providing Customers With Immediate Access to Highly Specialized Ball and Roller Bearings   BOSTON- October 21, 2020- BOSTON Alpine Bearing, New England’s largest ball bearing distributor, has entered an agreement as a U.S.-based channel partner for NTN Bearing Corporation for High Precision Bearings used in the […]

Bearings and Bushings: The Inside Story

From time to time, we’ll be posting educational articles on bearings, bearing attributes, and their applications. It’s called, Bearings 101. Some will touch on basic facts; others will dive more deeply. Most people know what a bearing is, but fewer recognize a bushing. In this piece, we’ll compare bearings and bushings and point out the […]

Alpine Bearing’s Boston Facility Earns ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

Boston Bearing Distributor Earns ISO 9001 Alpine Bearing, the distributor with the largest inventory of bearings in the U.S., has earned its ISO 9001: 2015 certification. Recently, the NSF, the international accreditation body, audited Alpine Bearing to gauge the efficiency of its systems and processes, continuous improvement practices, and customer satisfaction efforts and found the […]