Alpine Now Stocks SLF Machine Tool Spindle Bearings

The picture shows a CNC milling machine like those described in this SLF article.

The sales engineers at Alpine Bearing are always on the lookout for new bearings to stock and distribute and new companies to work with. Recently, Alpine began carrying machine tool spindle bearings from SLF. Spindel- und Lagerungstechnik Fraureuth GmbH (Spindle and Bearing Technology, Fraureuth, Germany, LLC) has been making spindles and spindle bearings since 1993. True to their German heritage, they take great pride in the quality of their products and means of production.  


SLF stresses their dedication to quality assurance in every department of the company, working continuously to improve production methods, processes, and products. They research and implement new technology regularly. They consider their ISO 9001 certification not as the end of their efforts, but as a part of their ongoing commitment to improve.  


SLF understands spindles and spindle bearings

SLF knows spindle bearings. They manufacture both the bearings and the spindles that use them. That knowledge helps them produce bearings uniquely designed for use in machine tools. Many Alpine customers have machine shops or manufacturing houses and use CNC machining to run routers, mills, lathes, and grinders. They need machine tool spindle bearings to keep their equipment up and running. The precision and quality of SLF bearings enables machine shops to trust that their machines and shops will keep producing with no down time. And Alpine has SLF bearings in stock and ready to ship — same day, if necessary.   


Alpine stocks the highest quality bearings. Both our customers and our team understand that. Carrying SLF means staff and clients are spoiled for choice. Our sales engineers are happy to recommend SLF bearings to customers. They know they’re suggesting well-crafted bearings that tolerate acute temperature swings, grueling operating conditions, extreme environments (including outer space), and sustained use.   


The next time you need to replace bearings or stock them as a part of your predictive maintenance program, remember, Alpine carries bearings from SLF to keep your mills, lathes, and business running. 


Do you have questions about SLF Bearings, machine tool spindle bearings, or any other type or brand of bearing Alpine stocks? Contact us using the chat feature. You’ll reach a real person! 


“Metalworking CNC milling machine” by Fagor Automation is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0