Authorized Bearing Distributor: What it Means, Why it Matters

The picture shows docking bays at a warehouse which relates to our authorized distributor status.

Alpine Bearing is an authorized distributor for several major bearing companies including New Hampshire Ball Bearings, NMB Technologies, GRW and SKF. We enjoy having strong relationships with our manufacturing partners. But did you know those relationships confer advantages to you too?

What is an authorized distributor?

An authorized distributor is a company that sells the products of an Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) according to a certain agreement. The distributor signs a contract with the manufacturer. The terms can vary, but often include things like:

  • A distributing license
  • A guarantee they will be the only distributor in a region
  • The ability to sell parts with a manufacturer warranty
  • Special training from the manufacturer

“Authorized distributor” isn’t just another meaningless descriptor. It means the distributor has entered a business relationship with the manufacturer.

Why should I buy bearings from an authorized distributor?

When a manufacturer chooses a company to be an authorized distributor, it’s a sign of trust. In a world rife with counterfeit bearings and dishonest dealing, relying on authorized distributors gives you reassurance that you’re getting what you paid for, from the brand you asked for. These distributors provide quality products with traceable origins. They bring deep expertise to conversations about the brands they carry.

When you’re looking for a certain brand of bearing, seek an authorized distributor! Alpine’s relationships with these brands enables us stock their most specialized, hard-to-find products. Instead of waiting for months for a custom order, customers can get those bearings from us with same-day shipping.

Speaking of which – if you need bearings, request a quote from us today. Our sales engineers have the skills and training to help you make an informed decision, and our same-day shipping means we can get bearings to you in a hurry.

Photo by Hannes Egler on Unsplash