HQW Bearings Are an Extremely Large Deal

Are you looking for precision bearings for an aerospace, medical, or robotic application? How about an Extremely Large Telescope? Look no further. Alpine Bearing is now an authorized HQW distributor. The German bearing manufacturer has what you need.

HQW started out as a bearing customizer. They used their Veitshöchheim, Germany plant to recondition and relubricate bearings for custom uses. In 2013, they began manufacturing themselves. Soon, they were supplying precision bearings to the aerospace, robotics, medical, and food & beverage industries. After building a second facility on their original site, HQW purchased Barden UK, forming Partners in Precision. Partnering with the prominent aerospace/defense supplier enabled the companies to work together to create high-quality bearings ideal for corrosive environments and high temperatures. Characterized by high nitrogen steel composition, these bearings shine in motors, fuel systems, gearboxes, and navigation systems.

Partners in Precision and HQW were not satisfied to create stock precision bearings, they also fabricate custom bearings for engineers and engineering firms inventing new products. Their agile processes and ability to work with engineers produce made-to-order bearings quickly and efficiently. They also manufacture machine tool spindle bearings and deep groove bearings in a variety of sizes.

The Extremely Large Telescope

Remember the Extremely Large Telescope we mentioned earlier? HQW supplied the super precision miniature ball bearings for this optical/mid-infrared telescope. The aptly named telescope will be up and running in the mid-2020s, perched atop Cerro Armazones, part of the Chilean Range of the Andes Mountains. Part of the European Southern Observatory, the ELT will soon be exploring the outer limits of space.

When they’re not supplying components for the largest telescope in history, HQW are manufacturing a wide range of bearings in Germany, the UK, the USA, France, India, and China in their iso 9001: 2015 certified facilities.

HQW manufactures and supplies high-quality precision bearings for a myriad of applications. Alpine is happy to stock HQW bearings and our sales engineers are always available to discuss them with you. Contact us if you have questions about HQW or any other brand we carry.

Photo by Graham Holtshausen on Unsplash