Importance of Bearing Maintenance: Lubrication

ball bearing lubrication
Photo courtesy Pixabay

Anyone who uses equipment with moving parts or cooks a meal understands the value of lubrication. You change the oil on your car every three to five thousand miles. You wax your skis to make them glide better on the slopes. You even grease the frying pan before adding the food so it doesn’t burn. Bearings are no different. They need that thin film of grease or oil to prevent excessive heat and wear.

Proper lubrication prevents overheating, corrosion, and equipment breakdown. The correct amount of lubricant is important too. Too little doesn’t provide enough coverage and too much can leak and short out electrical components.

We’ve found a couple of articles about preventive maintenance and lubrication and included a couple of links to them here. These pieces are great resources.

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