Thinex And Torque Tube Bearings

As part of our Bearings 101 series of informational articles, we’re highlighting types of bearings or bearing components. In this article, we present Thinex and torque tube bearings. No, Thinex and Torque is not the name of The Three Stooges’ law firm. That was Dewey Cheatem & Howe. If deep groove bearings are the workhorses of the […]

Machine Tool Spindle Bearings: A Blast to the Future

We’ve put together a series of informational articles to highlight bearing types, terminology, and components. In this segment of Bearings 101, we focus on machine tool spindle bearings. In this complex universe, there are profound questions with answers that elude us. Why do we exist? Are there other worlds beyond ours? What are machine tool […]

Deep Groove Bearings: Tough and Easy to Maintain

Another kind of groove. As part of our Bearings 101 series of informational articles, we’ve decided to highlight types of bearings or bearing components. This time, we turn the spotlight on deep groove bearings. Contrary to popular belief, Deep Groove Bearings did not back up Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. Deep groove bearings are the workhorses […]

The Bearing Glossary to End All Bearing Glossaries

We’ve started a feature on the Alpine Bearing site. We call it Bearings 101 and in it, we’ll post technical articles about, you guessed it, bearings. Some will be basic, others, more complex.  We hope you learn something you didn’t know or can use this column as a resource. Think of us when describing a […]

Bearings and Bushings: The Inside Story

From time to time, we’ll be posting educational articles on bearings, bearing attributes, and their applications. It’s called, Bearings 101. Some will touch on basic facts; others will dive more deeply. Most people know what a bearing is, but fewer recognize a bushing. In this piece, we’ll compare bearings and bushings and point out the […]