Thinex And Torque Tube Bearings

As part of our Bearings 101 series of informational articles, we’re highlighting types of bearings or bearing components. In this article, we present Thinex and torque tube bearings.

No, Thinex and Torque is not the name of The Three Stooges’ law firm. That was Dewey Cheatem & Howe.

If deep groove bearings are the workhorses of the bearing world, Thinex and torque tube bearings are the stallions. Slim, sleek, and producing less friction than other bearing types, these bearings are at home in precision instruments, aircraft components, missile guidance equipment, computers, robotics, and medical devices.

Precise, speedy, and trouble-free bearings for complex instruments

When applications demand compact, lightweight bearings, Thinex and torque tube bearings fit the bill. They differ from other bearings because they distribute loads over a larger than usual number of small diameter balls decreasing both friction and torque. Speedy and smooth, these thoroughbreds are the first choice for engineers who need space-saving, low-friction, and fast-moving components.

Whether you’re building a rocket, outfitting a dental drill, or designing the prototype for a robotic arm, consider using Thinex and torque tube bearings to keep the parts running smoothly. If you have questions about what type or size bearing to choose or the proper lubrication for your industry and application, contact one of the sales engineers at Alpine. They can steer you toward the perfect bearing for your business.

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Photo by Oskar Kadaksoo on Unsplash