Facility Feature: our clean room for ball bearing re-lubrication and repackaging

A worker with finger cots picking up a bearing

Whether you’re at a food processor, medical device manufacturer, or aircraft repair facility, three things are true. 

One: you have specific needs that a standard bearing straight out of the box can’t necessarily meet. 

Two: you don’t have an infinite budget. 

Three: you don’t have time to wait around for weeks to replace a bearing. 

Alpine Bearing solves all those issues in our clean room. We customize and re-lubricate bearings with fast turnaround times. 

Lubricating bearings in our Class 7 Per ISO 14644-1 clean room 

We built our clean room in the mid 1990s and have been lubricating bearings there ever since. We offer a variety of lubrication services specific to your application requirements. 

Bearing customization 

Some applications require special grease. We know your bearings might be in a corrosive, hot, marine, or submerged environment. We stock more than 100 types of grease for a wide range of unique environments. And we have the expertise to select the perfect grease for any application, from aerospace to medical devices and food service. 

No matter which type of grease you need, our skilled technicians will apply it to exacting standards. Alpine Bearing holds tight lubrication amount tolerances better than other re-lubrication facilities. And we’ll do it fast. 

Bearing re-lubrication 

Engineers and shop managers rely on relubrication to extend bearings’ life and bring them back into compliance. It saves money and resources to re-lubricate bearings instead of replacing them. But, especially in industries like aerospace, medical devices, and food service, you need to know that your relubricated bearings will meet strict performance and durability requirements. 

We’ve got you. Our technicians are experts in grease types and fill rates. They apply grease with extreme precision, preventing bearing failure from over-lubrication. 


We also repackage and label bearings to meet your storage requirements. We offer individual pill packing in strips, large volume vial packing and more, and are MIL-DTL-197 capable. We welcome custom orders – just ask! 

Why have Alpine Bearing re-lubricate your bearings? 

Alpine Bearing has been lubricating bearings for nearly thirty years. Our technicians are specialists at selecting the perfect type and amount of grease for your application. Trained for the utmost precision, they work in a Class 7 as per ISO 14644-1 cleanroom with class 100 laminar bench workstations.

We’re a certified re-lubrication facility for New Hampshire Ball Bearing (NHBB) and Nippon Miniature Bearing (NMB). Our team members are certified trained lubrication technicians for GRW Bearing. We pride ourselves on bringing years of knowledge, experience, and precision to our work without sacrificing speed or flexibility. 

Contact us for bearing lubrication and repackaging services? 

Do you need custom bearing re-lubrication or repackaging? Reach out to one of our sales engineers. They’ll walk you through our services, guide you to the right lubricant for your bearings and get you set up to work with our clean room.