HQW Bearings Are an Extremely Large Deal

Are you looking for precision bearings for an aerospace, medical, or robotic application? How about an Extremely Large Telescope? Look no further. Alpine Bearing is now an authorized HQW distributor. The German bearing manufacturer has what you need. HQW started out as a bearing customizer. They used their Veitshöchheim, Germany plant to recondition and relubricate […]

A Talk with Jay Smith from Schaeffler

The team at Alpine is always looking to share our unique experiences and relationships with the people and companies that supply us with high quality bearings. Not only are we proud of the working relationships we have built with industry experts, but of the friendships that have formed along the way. company History We reached […]

A Talk with Ted Gentile From New Hampshire Ball Bearings, a Minebea Mitsumi Company

At Alpine, we are always looking for ways to brag about the incredible people and companies that supply us with high quality bearings. We are proud to be able to build strong relationships with our counterparts and share a similar passion for creating and providing value to our customers. We reached out to Ted Gentile, […]

A Talk with Kevin Fang from TPI Bearings

An ornate carving atop a temple in Taipei City, Taiwan At Alpine, we’re always happy to talk about, or with, the people who supply us with high quality bearings. We understand. They’re as proud of their brand as we are of all the brands we stock. We reached out to Kevin Fang, sales manager at […]

The Problem with Counterfeit Bearings

Does Quality Matter in Bearings? We hear about quality every day, but what does it mean? What’s the point in having the newest and shiniest products available aside from the fact that they’re the newest and shiniest? The best coffee maker might brew the smoothest Colombian Supremo, but will it change our lives? Probably not. […]